Various - Record Label Profiles - Porter Records Story (CD)


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Various - Record Label Profiles
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Porter Records Story
Rock 'n' Roll

Ein Muss!!!

Höre gerade diese CD in meinem Player an. Diese CD ist für mich einer der besten Rock´n´Roll/Rockabilly/DooWop Scheibe die je von Bear Family herausgebracht wurde. Ein Kracher nach dem anderen. "Mexicali Baby" von den Rio Rockers ist der Ober Hammer. Klare Kaufempfehlung!!!


The Porter label was located in Phoenix, Arizona and had some really fantastic Rockabilly and Rock & Roll releases in the second half of the 1950s! Names like Red “Hot” Russell who’s wellknown to most Rockabilly collectors because of “Stop” or the Rio Rockers which are famous because of their KILLER Chicano Rocker “Mexicali Baby” which already was on many comps like the Capitol “That’ll Flat Git It” (BCD 15624)! “Mexicali Baby” by the way was first recorded at Porter and the recordings were then licensed to the Capitol concern in the same year! But Porter had a lot more Rockers than these artists! Mark Anthony with “Wolf Call”, Frankie Loren with “Hip Monkey” , Rusty Isabell’s “Little Miss Bute”or Darby Ward’s “Peepin’ John” only to name a few!! And the goody on top is that 14 tracks of the 29 were first released in 1998 when the CD came out!! All recordings have the best quality you can get because they were all taken from the original tapes and the stunnish linernotes are written by the Arizona music expert John Dixon who also helped Bear Family on the Duane Eddy Jamie recordings box set (BCD 15778)!! To admit – the cover really doesn’t really look like Rock & Roll at all but what you get on the silverling is what counts and I promise you fellas – this will blow your hat off!! You definitely will not regret the purchase of this fantastic piece of Rockabilly music!