Anderson, Bill - The First 10 Years, 1956-1966 (4-CD)


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Anderson, Bill
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The First 10 Years, 1956-1966 (4-CD Box&Book)
Box set
Arne Pedersen

Very good beginning

As always, Bear Family Box set never disapoint you. I know I got quite a few of them! When you reissue a decade in a box, and take all the artists recordings in that decade, one can hope for another box for the next decade, and that way you end up with all the artists recordings. This is the best way to collect records! Starting with the beginning. As for Bill Anderson, well; no he was not a great singer, but a very good songwriter, and the whole Nashville sound to it, makes it all allright! So if there should ever come another box, with the next decade, I'm in!

Ron Gwen

Don't know what this means

I only knew Bill Anderson from his excellent hit songs. In fact I only cam across him through British comedian/crooner Ken Dodd who, in the 60s, put out 3 singles in a row, all of Bill Anderson songs, (Still, 8x10 and Happiness). On CD1 the selection of Bill's 50s recordings are interesting, particularly the early version of City Lights but, in my opinion, Bill really came into his own during the 60s and the latter part of this CD contains several of his hit songs that still sound good today. CD2 contains several cover versions. I always like to hear how other artists interpret well-known songs and Bill has chosen particularly well as his versions are much smoother than the hits and stand up well against them. Two songs on this CD that I had not heard before but which I enjoyed very much were Me and Restless. CD3 has Bill's versions of respectively Connie Smith's and Al Martino's hits Once A Day and Think I'll Go Somewhere (And Cry Myself To Sleep). CD4 ends with 12 demos, including a duet with Dolly Parton and another Connie Smith hit, Nobody But A Fool. There is also a nice version of this song by Dean Martin on his LP The Hit Sound Of DM. Overall, this set demonstrates what a supreme songwriter and performer Bill is, Quality all the way through.


Bill Anderson is Nashville's most successful and consistent songwriter of all time. This four-CD set covers the first 10 years of his recordings..This is a stunning release that is highly recommended. Maverick 3-4/2012 Alan Cackett